Stuart Layton

About Me

I'm a Neuroscience PhD student at MIT working in the Wilson Lab. My research is focused on the hippocampal mechanisms of learning and the development of novel methods that allow us to decipher or decode the activity of large neural populations. I plan on defending my disseration in the fall of 2012.

I keep myself busy analyzing neural data, training rats, and developing useful tools. When not at work you can find me on my bike somewhere around Boston, hacking on my mobile apps, barbecuing with friends and family, or thinking up awesome projects.

I hope to take what I've learned about scientific thought and statistical analysis and to apply it in a technical environment. I want my next job to allow me to think scientifically but in a professional environment. Ideally I'd be involved in the formation of hypothesis, the creation of models to test those hypothesis and then aid in the implementation of those models. Basically I'm aspiring to be known to as a data hacker/ninja.

Open Source Projects

Open Ephys - A general purpose open source electrophysiology software suite
Arte-Ephys - A tetrode centric open source electrophysiology software suite

Mobile Apps

My Own Voice - A iPad/iPhone communcation app designed for non-verbal children
PacDroid Live Wallpaper - A fun Pac Man live wallpaper with an Android twist
Rock Anywhere - An simple utility that enables audio playback control from any app

Contact Info

Phone: (617) 652-0258
Email:  stuart (.) layton (@) gmail (.) com
Email:  slayton (.) mit (@) edu
Office: 46-5227, 43 Vassar St, Cambridge MA, 02139 Map

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